How Does It Work

How does it work?  A team of highly trained light painting artist and technical gurus will come to your event and set up your customized Light Experience. The Light Experience artist will provide instruction on how to create a light painting or do the light painting work for you and all your guests have to do is stand there and look amazing! A light experience image takes anywhere from one to two minutes to create. The images can be printed on the spot, emailed, or downloaded from our website via a password protected page!

How much space does The Light Experience need?  The basic Light Experience set up requires a minimum floor space of  10’x10′.

Does it have to be dark?  We create our images in the dark so night time events are perfect for us, the darker the location the better. The Light Experience is also available for interior day events! For day events or bright night events we set up a 10’x10′ tent that blocks 90% of all ambient light allowing the conditions we need to create amazing images. Then tent requires the same 10’x10′ floor space with a high ceiling.

Why? The Light Experience is a great addition to any event or party. More than entertainment for your event The Light Experience also provides your guest with a branded image that they will share on Social Media, exposing your product and/or event to millions of people. Your guest will get an image consistent with your brand that we guarantee they will want to share on their social media and The Light Experience is just plain AWESOME!